A Rival City


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Hevdra I spent hours searching for this song! Definitely worth it. Bought the CD Favorite track: The Return.
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released November 1, 2011

Recorded @ White Buffalo Studio - Hollywood, Calif.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Bradley Riot
Assisted by Kate Warrick
Mastered by Noah Shain

All Songs Written, Arranged and Performed by Jeff Berman
Copyright 2011 Levi Jefferson Music (ASCAP)

Piano by Thu Tran
Background Vocals by Rachel Garcia, Bradley Riot, Sara Hruska and Jose Fuentes

Album Design, Layout and Illustration by Paul D'Elia at
Screenin 4 A Change
Photo by Jonathan Weiner

Management: Peter Marullo at Hope and Rage Ent.
Salem, Mass.
Publicity: Becca Lane at Becca Lane Media.
Philadelphia, Penna.

Thank You:
Lancaster, Washington, Berlin, Brooklyn and Los Angeles



all rights reserved


DIVIDED HEAVEN Los Angeles, California

Westerberg meets Adams meets Conley meets Armstrong. Divided Heaven (Jeff Berman) continues to cover ground across North America, Europe and Asia since releasing A Rival City (2011) and Youngblood (2014) and will continue to hit cities around the world through 2017. ... more


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Track Name: Five and Dime To Hollywood
This all was a curse that seemed only getting worse. The blessing was parallel in a city that is living hell. Where the journey and the destination are the same stuck in subway stations. If you could be here right now what would you say? What would you tell me? This is all we’ve ever known. I traded my final vice in search of the best advice. While drowning in wasted time to learn that it wasn’t my Battle to win or lose, I could scream ‘til my face turns blue. You can live out your life a lie but never get the best of mine. This is all I have to show ‘til my blues fade to grey and my hands they turn to stone. I can’t slow down my breathing, it feels like I’m still leaving My bleeding heart just skipped a beat when the hallowed ground under my feet was pulled from right underneath me. This is what you say not what you believe. With the love from all our mothers tucked and safe. The aging faces of our fathers fade away. When your dreams came crashing like the breaking waves, it resounds in all the Eastern states and echoes to you of what is home no more.
Track Name: Fight Or Flight
A pre-emptive goodbye, I try not to close my eyes then I am gone. The seconds move too quick, and this Tension is so thick that I lose all my breath. And its nights like these I’ll miss the most, when I’m far from this flooded coast Escaped from what I never should have left. To fight or Flight and flee, pressure builds with every second I’m awake. You count yourself to sleep, empty spaces staring back and I’m stuck between. And it’s nights like these that steal our days, leave us with no right words to say but the time for me and you was never right. And it’s nights like these I wanna stay and side step every challenge faced and leave it all to fortune and the consequence of fate.
Track Name: Born-Again Non-Believer
What do you say when all’s been abandoned and the fire’s been left to die? Do you carry on like you have been or believe the lie? No surrender from the furthest of shores all the way back home. No turning back on this path that chose us not the path that we chose. Born-again non-believer, I search for beauty in truth while I shatter the mold. Read my last rites from all the liars and thieves that would kill for my soul. Face our own faults and the things we can’t change and can never control. Lost in the sun with our fear to the wind and our hearts to the road. Carry on like you have been and don’t believe the lie.
Track Name: KeyStone
Early trains on a Sunday, time slips right through our hands. Off to dream of the good days, may never see them again. Life goes on out the window of parents, children, and friends. With shots and candles we forget of those that won’t have the chance. We say set your dreams and take off, if we get old don’t forget, with our whole lives in one suitcase, we’ll walk on through hell and give it our best.
Track Name: Brandywine
I’m so much better at conviction than I ever could be with apologies. Convinced myself no one could help while I lost sight of the love in front of me. Well so long because all my days are numbered and I live my life in circles chasing dreams and chasing time. To fall asleep with strangers and wake up with my closest friends and the fear of missing what might happen next. While we weren’t getting any younger I waited for answers to arrive. I was young and naïve to think this once went on forever, I’m still holding on despite the curves and divides. So long because all my days are numbered and I walked this extra mile hoping to see you on the way. I stumbled through my darkest days to face them with my closest friends, unsure whether to sever my regrets.
To every past mistake, wasted kiss, heartfelt song and friend I miss I’m gonna chase these days…
Track Name: 1,000 New Conclusions
I could’ve swore the ends were fraying in too many different sides. 1,000 new conclusions, none of which were right. The minutes feel like gravity holding down, the hours passed. With no weight or resolution to overturn the hourglass. I know I don’t belong but could you help me understand that what’s coming around now is what we should’ve stopped back then? But I’m right, I’m doing all right. I lost my faith in misery when I was too fucked up to lie. I can’t find a reason to hold on or to make me change my mind but perhaps I will in time. I could see it focus clearly as if right in front of me. Through a tangled web of reasons we all choose to believe. Too few reward compassion when the answer can be bought and sold to us as familiar just as soon as we forgot. No I know I don’t belong but I cannot stop my mind From following the footsteps of those leaving me behind. But I’m wrong, I’m so far gone From my idea of myself that I could share with no one else. I can’t find a reason to hold on to the future in my hands that I conveniently forgot to plan. But it’s right there in the signals, it’s right there in the skies. It’s right there in the shadows, it’s right there in the smiles.
Track Name: The Return
Weeks turn to months as the seasons won’t change. Light turns to dark just like loves turned to hate. Now the summer is coming blacker than you could’ve ever imagined. We saw the faith disappear from a devotional man Retraced all our footsteps as we walked in the sand. Witnessed the deaths of our fathers dying in vain, we called it fate. neck deep in darkness for so many years No change in the winds could top our biggest fears. Now the new blood is rising higher than the water could’ve ever been. When we see the light of day we won’t let God stand in our way. We finally have come. When our hope is just despair and your prayers turn to thin air. We finally have come.
We won’t let god stand in our way.
Track Name: A Tribute To Amnesia
I can’t remember the last time that I saw you, I can’t remember at all. Seems so funny how time flies by keeping up with every drink. I can’t remember the last I heard your voice or felt the shaking in my chest. We were saying how crazy this is, I was thinking finally. At the risk of sounding like a warning I’m not well. I placed my heart before my mind and fist and I lost out. So if this should be my final ride across this lonely bridge I won’t say goodbye, I won’t say I love you but I won’t say I never did.
Track Name: Usual (Chris) Suspect
From under the line, intolerance disguised as adequate living wage. they're Gonna build a wall, four stories tall, with bricks of aimless rage. But it’s you slogan touting 'mericans with blood upon your hands. Shields of faith block common sense. Drowns out the weak and damned. And I thought of all the usual suspects Until I realized there was none left. The Lottery of birth, decline of your self-worth, measured materialistic waste. Market’s overfull, culture’s disposable, generation throwaway. Yeah it’s true disregard all consequence as we walk squarely on the fence. The truth is there’s no way out. Incentive buried by doubt. A sea of profits over lives, where golden parachutes don’t lie, all for the cameras and lights.
Track Name: East/West
On a front porch in the district when I blinked I must have missed it like a ride Southside to sunset in the snow. My directions gone missing with a kiss from the pacific my heart fell to my stomach from my throat. May the history never fade from either side. Don’t stop being lost, alive
on the divide. The wall, the leaves, palm trees and bustling streets. On the divide.