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Produced by Charlie Stavish


released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


DIVIDED HEAVEN Los Angeles, California

Westerberg meets Adams meets Conley meets Armstrong. Divided Heaven (Jeff Berman) continues to cover ground across North America, Europe and Asia since releasing A Rival City (2011) and Youngblood (2014) and will continue to hit cities around the world through 2017. ... more


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Track Name: Youngblood
i woke up crushed last night on the marble floor of stansted from a fever dream pitched to the song that’s stuck in my head the glamour’s gone with the last of the gained wisdom i’m here alone and i just want a best friend to wait glorious notorious brilliant paint unsettled dust i fell to pieces so far from where we set course and this glass ceiling weighs heavy on my next choice dodging sleep long-faced decisions longer flights trailblaze a rhythm as each night comes alive glorious notorious brilliant paint unsettled dust proudly living and loudly singing blood runs younger every day
Track Name: The Worst
the steps we take to follow yours are wearing out our shoes we scratch and cheat to win ‘cause we’re not brave enough to lose in the shadows of giants who will one day break our hearts april passed so fast this year with all december’s scars you didn’t know how much that you could love until you felt how bad it hurt the drive to get back out on top leaves you only feeling worse like all bad things that come in threes i’m waiting for what’s next i’m biting off my nails i can’t take the suspense to say we’re not alone is a lie let’s make it right your breath can’t match the pace that your heart’s racing you can’t wrap your head around all that you’ve lost they say it’s harder to anticipate it coming than to walk with every step i’ll walk with you every step no matter what
Track Name: Melissa Militia
hello good friend we’re stuck again in the same place we were before i display my baggage on the shelf you see i could change or just give in with you i was never really sure when we scrape the sky or we’re stuck in hell ‘cause i can’t speed up the time or exchange my former life melissa militia i never really loved you we fell in the hurry up and wait i’m coming home but not alone in aftermath or lost in wake my ideals are fucked but they’re on my sleeve we pretend what’s gone is just as well same with the memories we can’t frame and rewrite the ending as we please with every uptown train i ride i’m so certain we’ll collide melissa militia every word is so true tomorrow is always too late she came into my life so that i could find you there’s no doubt in my mind just some fog in the rearview wait wait wait
Track Name: kateiswar
define then amplify the rage bleeding from microphones crossfire at the checkpoints upon leaving home calculate with precision what we should take in stride by lying when we falter knowing art imitates life is war no less no more i’m sure we could live by the times that could’ve been follow the signs to the bitter end lean our restless bones against the currents and be carried west beyond the shadow of all doubt we convinced ourselves we’re right grapple with such courage in our own fixed fights shed our second skin our idle hands our idols hold creeping inch by inch to and from every milestone except love the gift unfolds in embrace of growing old
Track Name: Mass Ave
i will wait here with this giant bulls-eye on my chest young and innocent no more i’ll be your best damn target yet wipe the spit from my face when i answer which side i’m on remove me from this echo chamber and let my words stand on their own amidst the hate and the never ending wreckage from our mistakes we see the tanks roll down massachusetts avenue between horizon suns and pendant around your neck soldiers martyrs trading faces protection or revenge the lowest we’ve ever felt is the only time that we felt real pushed off from the lap of fate by the power-hungry hands of free will that hold us in place as time stands still i don’t wanna die for a mistake i don’t see the difference in the lives you give and those you take one and the same peace through war the world won’t change say goodbye to me and you and say hello to the new world order
Track Name: P. Levi
when the daybreak hit my face i felt how man could worship the sun we stay alive fade grey to white in a symphony of firing guns through this never ending winter our weapon is the song when they’ve turned us on each other our weapon is the song we know and sow the hell we’re reaping when the innocent thrust in the rat races i can smell it in our fear like i see it in our faces survivor guilt rips me to pieces aiding in murder for political gain running from bullets while they pull in the reins
Track Name: Musser Park
i found you painted in the corner chances are you were holding up my walls perhaps it’s not the odds that matter but the risk of watching them fall i kept my motivation reeling even when my aspirations simply stalled for roads paved with such good intentions i’ve ground to a halt rusted through from the salt what worries me is not what’s right or wrong or this path that feels one-thousand miles long but the ring in my head that says lost on the streets of my hometown my heads hangs in a fog of nostalgic bliss i’m in need of any reason or rhyme to tell me why i left now i’m cracking from the pressure so determined to make it on my own seal it with an empty gesture one more notch on my list vinegar and piss all is but lost and how could i love you if i stayed the moment is gone and with it went all last chances saved to be forgiven
Track Name: Crooked Smiles / Brutal Miles
in the city that never sleeps they’re panhandling forgiveness the change was too fast to be seen then vanished with a sealed kiss when my faded jeans paraded dreams colored me so obvious measure me in crooked smiles measure me in long-logged brutal miles a cyclone dive fast hearts collide too young to celebrate it subway rides bridges divides too tough to die outdated before the aftermath the die was cast and it was complicated beyond
Track Name: Ego and Nothing More
i felt my desires deplete when we went wrong so i cut my ties made my peace and moved one it felt easier to smile and walk away than stomach the remnants of our mistakes i’ve held my tongue for far too long to worry about the trouble i’ll get into if this is revenge we’re only running in circles i was crashing the gates of the ivy league my love amplified in high fidelity i found solace in the temporary calm and lie comfortably a liar in your arms i mince my words what not to say your change of heart clean breaks on wedding days if this is revenge we’ll get all we are deserving this is ego and nothing more
Track Name: Safety-Pinned Heart
i rolled with the upstarts traded breath on north queen street led by our emotions and the chance to mean something i curse the reverb in my ears when i get lonely and beat down by the ambition that never let me go singing for gold in this neverending wasteland turn up the forgotten revive what’s been undone wide-eyed kid in wonder safety-pinned heart on my sleeve seventeen in san francisco born to shed naivety i roam the echos of my mind when i get lonely and caught up the details of to have and have not singing for gold in this neverending wasteland who knows how far i’ll be when the cadence buries me i’m singing for gold glory’s so fast to be sold when you live in fear of growing old and missing out on your fame and fortune
Track Name: Kew Gardens
born queens bred queens winter blizzard covers the streets daydreams sweet dreams the ice will melt at the hint of spring go live your life how you want to live free fly free carry on without worry we sing we sing project your voice and lead heroes your heroes won’t be as brave as the ones you know one love all love don’t be afraid of what you dream of go live your life how you want i’ll be there right beside you when my words are falling like missiles and thinking fails to be wishful i’m lifted gently by kind eyes that promise tomorrow’s sunrise
Track Name: Gin
i was bouncing off the walls of my hotel room with the past few weeks by night measuring risk through all the chaos and confusion liquid courage and delusion and this bottle is my only goodnight kiss i scoffed at all your paths i thought were foolish and i played that card so often i was sick am i still bound by all i’ve said negative thoughts creep in my head foolish do what foolish will our swill turns into piss if we leave ourselves hanging dry we’ll come back for the gin if we grow tired of this foolish ship we’ll strip and dive right in we could cheat just like the movies when reality breathes stale too young to plan too old to fail i was undoubtedly deceptive with good reason i was swimming with the sharks with no defense now the sharks have been jumped and deception’s not much fun when it works too well and doubt’s all you have left with the miles racing on in time i wave to all of my old friends when the wagon wheels rolled on they dragged me far from all my old friends